for All, Parents and Children and Young People (13+)



This Notice is to help you understand how and why we collect your and/or your child’s personal information and what we do with it.  Also explained are the decisions that you can make about your own and /or your child’s information.  If you have any questions about this Notice, please contact us.

In addition:

Parents and Children We are giving you this Notice because you are able to exercise your child’s data protection right on their behalf.  When your child is older (usually when they reach the age of 13) they will be considered mature enough to exercise their own data protection rights.

Young People  We are giving you this Notice because you are mature enough to make decisions about your personal information.



Personal Information is that which identifies you as an individual.  We hold information about you which includes information such as your name, date of birth and address as well as things like badge records and awards, any medical details and your photograph.  We may also record your religion or ethnic group.  Photos and video recordings of you are also personal information.



Our main reason for using your personal information is to support you and/or your child in Scouting.  Below are examples of the different ways in which we use it and where it comes from.

  • Joining forms give us lots of personal information. We also get information from your child, their Scout Leaders and sometimes other Scouts.  Your/your child’s previous Scout Group may have also given us information about you/them so that we can train and care for you/them.
  • When you submit information to our website (eg by filling in the joining form or using the contact form) you are submitting information to us.
  • Where needed, we may get information from doctors and other professionals so we can look after you/them.


We collect this information to help the Scout Group run properly, safely and to let others know what we do here.  Here are some examples:

  • We may use information provided through our website to allow us to service your request (eg to submit an expression to join).
  • We record your / your child’s photograph to allow our Leaders to identify you / them.
  • We may need to share information with activity providers to ensure that they can safely provide an activity for you/them.
  • We may need to share information with third parties who are running a camp or activity on our behalf.
  • We may need to share information with Leaders in another section or with the executive committee if they are acting as a home contact when we are away on camp .
  • We may need information about any legal matter which relates to you or your child. This is so we can safeguard your/their welfare and wellbeing and the other Scouts in the Group.
  • We may need to share information with the police or our legal advisors if something goes wrong or to help with an inquiry eg if another Scout is injured during Scouts or if there is a burglary.
  • We may share some information with our insurance company to make sure we have the insurance cover that we need.
  • Sometimes we use photographs and videos for Scouting purposes, eg, to record children, parents, young people and adult members taking part in a drama activity.
  • If someone makes a complaint about how the Scout Group has behaved we may need to use this information to deal with this appropriately eg if a parent complains that we have not looked after their child properly.
  • Occasionally we may use consultants, experts and other advisors to assist us in fulfilling our obligations and to help us run the Scout Group properly. We might need to share information with them if this is relevant to their work
  • If you have misbehaved in a serious way and the police have become involved, we may need to use information about the action taken by them to safeguard our young people
  • We will only share information with other people and organisations when we have a good reason to do so. In exceptional circumstances, we may need to share it more widely than we would normally.
  • We may take photographs or videos at events to use on social media, on our website or in other marketing communications. This helps us show prospective parents and Scouts what we provide and to promote the Scout Group.  We may seek specific consent before using a photograph or video recording, where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive.  We may continue to use these photographs and videos after you have left.


In addition:

Parents and Children

  • We need to tell the appropriate Leaders if your child is allergic to something or has a health issue.
  • We might need to tell our Leaders if your child has learning needs or needs extra help with some tasks.
  • We may need to share information about your child’s health and well-being with their Leaders.
  • We record your child’s attendance and if they have time away from the Scouts, we may record the reason(s) why.
  • Depending where your child goes when they leave us, we may need to provide their information to other Scout Groups eg we may share information about their badge records and provide references. We may need to pass on information which is needed to look after your child.
  • We may share your child’s Scouting and (where fair) behaviour records with parents or education guardian to provide support to your child at home.


We publish our activities, top awards and other news on the website and put articles and photographs in the local news to tell people about what we have been doing.  If you have concerns about us using photographs or videos of your child, please ask to arrange a meeting with the Data Protection Officer.

  • We may keep details of your address when you leave so we can send you important information.
  • We sometimes use contractors to handle personal information on our behalf eg activity providers who require access to you/your child’s medical information when providing you/them with an activity.
  • We use third party “cloud computing” services to store personal information including GSuite from Google, Online Scout Manager and Compass from The Scout Association. These services may store your information outside of the EU and are compliant with the requirements set out by GDPR.


The majority of personal data collected by us will mostly remain within GSuite, Online Scout Manager and Compass and, in all cases, it will be handled only by people who need to know the information.  Again, if you have any concerns about any of the above, just ask us.



This section contains legal technical information about the legal grounds we are relying on when handling information as described above.



This means that we are using information when this is necessary for our legitimate interests except when this would be unfair to you or your child.  We rely on this ground for many of the ways in which it uses your information.

Specifically, the Scout Group has a legitimate interest in:

  • Providing children with Scouting.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.
  • Providing reference for the Scout members.
  • Promoting the objects and interests of the Scout Group and what we do eg we may use photographs in our newsletters, on our website or in our social media.
  • Improving the Scout Group eg if we want to raise money to build new buildings or to make sure that we are providing the whole Scout Group with good Scouting experiences.
  • Facilitating the efficient operation of the Scout Group.


Additionally, personal information may be processed for the legitimate interests of others eg we may use information when investigating a complaint made by another Scout.  If you object o us using your information where we are relying on our legitimate interests as explained above, please let us know.



We might need to use your/your child’s information in order to comply with a legal obligation eg to report a concern about their well-being to Children’s Services or to report details of an accident to the Scout Association.  We may also have to disclose their information to third parties such as the courts, the local authority or the police where legally obliged to do so.



In limited circumstances we may use the information to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of someone else eg if someone is seriously hurt.

We may need to process and share information in order to keep you/them safe eg information about an allergy.



The following are examples of when we use information to perform tasks in the public interest:

  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of you, your child and other children.
  • Ensuring that we comply with all of our legal obligations.

If you object to us using information when we are relying on this ground please ask to arrange a meeting with the Data Protection Officer (ie Group Scout Leader).



We must also comply with an additional condition where we process special categories of personal information.  These special categories include personal information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic information, biometric information, health information and information about sex life or orientation.

Where we process your child’s health information this is on the basis of their vital interests eg if they are seriously injured.  We may also use information to protect the vital interests of someone else.

Where we collect information about ethnic original and religious beliefs we will ask for your explicit consent to the processing of this data and the data is held anonymously.



The Scout Group may use the information to comply with social protection law.



In limited circumstances we may use information to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of someone else eg if you or they are seriously hurt.



We are allowed to use information if this is necessary in relation to legal claims eg this allows us to share information with our legal advisors and insurers.



This includes medical treatment and the management of healthcare services and providing support to Scouts with additional needs.



We may ask for your consent to use information in certain ways.  If we ask for your consent to use personal information, you can take it back at any time.  Any use we have made of information before you withdraw your consent will still remain valid.

There are some limited circumstances where your request to withdraw consent can’t always be accepted.  Please let us know if you would like to withdraw any consent that you have given.  In some cases, we will rely on more than one of the grounds above for a particular use of information eg we may rely on legitimate interests and public interest grounds when using information to look after you and all fellow Scouts.



We may send information to countries which do not have the same level of protection for personal information as the UK eg we may communicate with you by email when you are overseas (eg when you are on holiday) or we may need to send information abroad if we are going on a camp overseas.

The EU has produced a list of countries which have adequate data protection rules.  The list can be found at  If the country that we are sending information to is not on the list or is not a country within the EEA (which means the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) then it might not have the same level of protection for personal information as the UK.

We can provide you with details about any additional safeguards which we may have in place outside the Privacy Notice.  If you have any questions about the safeguards that are in place please ask to arrange a meeting with the Data Protection Officer.



We keep your information for as long as we need to in order to provide your child with Scouting and look after them.  We will keep some information after your child has left us eg so that we can find out what happened if you make a complaint.

In exceptional circumstances we may keep information for a longer time than usual, but we would only do so if we had a good reason and only if we are allowed to do so under data protection law.

We can keep information for a long time or even indefinitely if we need this for historical, research or statistical purposes eg if we consider the information might be useful if someone waned to write a book about the Scout Group.



You are able to make various decisions about information.  Your rights are as follows:

  • If information is incorrect you can ask us to correct it
  • You can also ask what information we hold and be provided with a copy
  • You can ask us to delete information that we hold in certain circumstances eg where we no longer need the information
  • You can ask us to send you, or another organisation, certain types of information in a format that can be read by computer
  • Our use of information may be restricted in some cases eg if you tell us that the information is inaccurate we can only use it for limited purposes while we check its accuracy.



If any person wishes to know what data we hold on them / their family, this should be requested in writing to Group Scout Leader (GSL) or Chair of 1st Warboys Scout Group Committee (Chair).  Your request with be responded to within one calendar month.



If you feel there has been any breach in data protection, please report this to GSL or Chair of Committee immediately.  We are under obligation to report this to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ISO) within 72 hours of notification.



This Notice is to explain how we look after information.  If you have any questions or concerns, just ask to arrange a meeting with the Data Protection Officer.

Please let us know if you:

  • Object to us using your information for marketing purposes. We will stop using your information for marketing purposes if you tell us not to.
  • Would like us to update the information we hold.
  • Would prefer that certain information is kept confidential.


We take any complaints about our collection and use of personal information very seriously.  If you think that our collection or use of personal information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate, or have any other concern about our data processing, please raise this with us in the first instance.

To make a complaint, please contact our Data Protection Officer.  Alternatively, you can make a complaint to the ISO:


Report a concern online at

Call 0303 123 1113

Or write to:  Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,

Cheshire, SK9 5AF



If you require any further information, please contact the Data Protection Officer at or Chair of Committee at


Policy Name Privacy Notice
Version V 1.0
Approved 20 September 2018
Date of Next Review September 2019


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