What is Beaver Scouting?
Beaver Scouts are boys and girls aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest Section in the Scouting family. Young people can join Beaver Scouts in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday (dependant on the waiting list). They can move to the next Section, Cub Scouts, from eight years.

Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others. Beavers will also get the chance to take part in activities through a balanced programme and can earn badges to show skills they have learnt. This can be anything from doing experiments, caring for animals, healthy eating and adventure badges. They meet weekly in a Beaver Scout Colony. We currently have a Colony of 24 children, 4 adults and 1 young leader.

Please contact our Beaver Leader for further details of meeting times and place.

Beaver Leaders organise various sleepovers during the year. These are often the first time a young person can get the chance to spend a night away from home. (Sleepovers are optional)

We have found these to be extremely successful and fun for all involved. We normally don’t go too far away from home but look out for details of the next sleepover.

How do I join the Beaver Scouts?
If you want to take part in the fun of Beaver Scouting, either as a Beaver Scout, or as an Adult Leader or helper, send an Email or use our handy Joining Form / Waiting List.

The Beaver Scout Promise:
I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

The Beaver Scout Motto:
Be prepared

How do I sew on a badge?

Clockwise from the top left:
1. Match thread to the colour of the uniform. Or not (see Step 3). …
2. Turn the area to be sewn inside out. If it’s a pocket, pull it out, so you don’t sew it shut.
3. Sew along the ridge formed by the edge of the badge with whatever kind of stitch you call this. …
4. Cut and knot the thread

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